Home Blockchain Bitget Wallet’s 2023 On-Chain Trading Competition: A Deep Dive into DeFi’s Innovative Trading Frontier

Bitget Wallet’s 2023 On-Chain Trading Competition: A Deep Dive into DeFi’s Innovative Trading Frontier

Bitget Wallet’s 2023 On-Chain Trading Competition: A Deep Dive into DeFi’s Innovative Trading Frontier

On October 20, 2023, Bitget Wallet—formerly BitKeep Wallet—unveiled the details of their much-awaited yearly competition, the “NewDegen 2023 On-Chain Trading Competition.” With a substantial prize pool of $100,000 USDT, the event began on October 19 and will run until November 18. The Bitget Wallet must be downloaded in order to participate, and participants must register on the competition’s official website. This competition is available to the whole Web3 community.

Principal Aspects:

Accepting the NewDegen topic: The competition’s topic, “NewDegen,” honors the bold traders in the DeFi market, who are frequently referred to as “Degens.” These merchants are renowned for their eagerness to investigate novel undertakings and trading prospects. Bitget Wallet hopes to introduce DeFi beginners and specialists to the appeal of decentralized on-chain trading through this event.

The Trading-Centric Approach of Bitget Wallet: In contrast to conventional cryptocurrency wallets, which are mostly utilized for digital asset management and storage, Bitget Wallet places a strong emphasis on asset trading and decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregation. The group thinks that asset issuance and trading—two essential user demands in the modern era—are the fundamental values of the sector.

Bitget Swap: An Aggregator for Multichain DEX: An essential component of Bitget Wallet, Bitget Swap functions as a potent multichain DEX aggregator. It collects liquidity from hundreds of leading DEXs and cross-chain bridges and supports close to 30 blockchains. In order to provide consumers with the best possible trading experience, this feature offers cutting-edge features like gas-free trading, automatic slippage adjustment, and intelligent market analysis.

Gas-Free Trading and Automatic Slippage Adjustment: Bitget Wallet is the first product in the market to provide gas-free trading for a number of chains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Tron. The platform also unveiled the GasU subsidy token, which gives customers a seamless and affordable trading experience by offsetting gas fees within the app.

Bitget Wallet’s Worldwide Notoriety: Bitget Wallet is the ninth most popular cryptocurrency hot wallet in the world, according to CoinGecko. Bitget Swap often ranks in the top 10 DeFi projects according to DappRadar data, which takes into account both trading volume and active users.

In summary:

The Bitget Wallet On-Chain Trading Competition is a demonstration of the platform’s dedication to user experience, innovation, and the dynamic field of decentralized finance, rather than merely being a competition. Bitget Wallet and other similar services are defining the parameters for what is feasible in the on-chain trading space as the cryptocurrency ecosystem keeps changing.


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