Blockchain Brawlers Launches on Epic Games Store, Bringing NFTs to 230 Million Gamers

Launching on the massive digital distribution platform Epic Games Store (EGS), the Web3-based PvP card game Blockchain Brawlers is now playable by more than 230 million PC players across the world. Indicating that large game publishers are beginning to take NFTs seriously, this is a huge step forward for the NFT gaming market.

Richard Garfield, inventor of Magic: The Gathering and an accomplished mathematician and game designer in his own right, collaborated on the creation of Brawlers. NFT Brawlers are digital characters that players may collect, trade, and fight using. Each one has their own set of skills and statistics. In Brawlers, players can compete to earn cryptocurrencies by completing challenges and winning matches.

The release of Brawlers on EGS marks a watershed moment in the widespread acceptance of Web3 gaming. It’s also an indicator that the industry’s top publishers are beginning to recognize NFTs for the exciting new possibilities they present for gaming.

Where does this leave NFT gaming in the long run?

There is hope for the future of NFT gaming with the release of Blockchain Brawlers on Epic Games Store. This demonstrates that large game publishers are beginning to see the potential in NFTs and are eager to learn more about them. This has the potential to increase the number of NFT games launched on mainstream platforms, hence increasing the reach of NFTs.

It’s also noteworthy that Brawlers has a play-to-earn economy. It signifies that there is a possibility of receiving cryptocurrency as a reward for participating in the game. This has the potential to increase the number of people interested in playing NFT games, particularly those with the goal of making money from their gaming passion.

In general, the NFT gaming industry has reason to celebrate with the release of Blockchain Brawlers on Epic Games Store. It demonstrates that there is a rising demand for NFT games and that large game publishers are interested in developing them. It will be exciting to observe how the NFT gaming market evolves over the next few years.

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